RNNCEs Ultrasound Training

RNNCEs believes in providing nursing education at affordable prices because it is our way to give back, and becasue we believe nursing continuing education and utilization of maximum licensure both saves lives and increases access to care.

You will find that the RNNCEs pricing schedule is lower than other nursing education products.   We do not charge Membership fees or dues to get the lowest pricing.  We have set pricing that is open to everyone.  Our prices are at least 63% less lower than our competitors  when comparing cost per CE hour, and you typically get more CE credit hours with a RNNCEs course than anywhere else.

The following courses are at least 63% less than our competitors (competitors rates $75-187/CE hour on average).  CE pricing at an affordable rate ($28/CE hour ) for Ultrasound Training courses.  Our instructors have been life long advocates for nursing education, and certification, and this is RNNCEs way of helping to promote that message for them.  NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED TO MAKE THIS PURCHASE AT THIS PRICE!!! 

Additional on site services, competency and check off of skills, with orientation to equipment is available for groups.
Reach out to cindy@rnnces.com for more information.

About Ultrasound Training:
Limited OB Ultrasound training requires both Didactic study and Clinical competency demonstration: RNNCEs offers you the most affordable options to complete and demonstrate didactic mastery (including a post test with a certificate of mastery on passage) and to practice scanning skills with simulation.  Check off requirements do not have a national standard.  We would refer you to the AWHONN new fifth edition updated Guide, and your unit policy.

Previously we had Didactic opportunities as live in person Seminars; however, with mandated changes brought on due to Covid-19, we found greater accessibility with the online format.  You can have individualized assistance as needed by request with our programs.

We recommend that you personally assess your didactic and clinical ultrasound background education and experience, as well as the descriptions of the modules on our site before purchase from our Ultrasound Training Menu.  If you need assistance navigating your personal learning plan email info@rnnces.com for a complimentary assessment and  guidance.

IF YOU WORK FOR KAISER in California.  Your unit will want you to show mastery in Second and Third trimester scanning.

If you have no previous experience with providing ultrasound, we STRONGLY suggest that to best meet your needs, limit your frustration, and provide best patient care, that you choose the Complete Bundle.

If you have experience and need a refresher or documentation then individually choose the Workbook, and/or Module entitled US Assessment for Fetal Growth in Third Trimester, and possibly the post test.  Two simulation modules can meet the Second and Third Trimester requirement, we recommend you choose the UA Assessment for Fetal Growth in High Risk Pregnancy (Second and Third Trimester) as it focuses on AF measurement and BPP.  

The easiest step, which matches the most frequently requested training, is to purchase the Basic Ultrasound Webinar Complete Bundle.   The bundle combines didactic and clinical simulation training.  The complete bundle works well for those doing Antepartum testing and L&D Triage.  It contains the 5 hour webinar series plus 3 hour workbook exercises, two 8 hour online simulation module that focuses on second and third trimester limited OB ultrasound, AF evaluation and BPP testing, and  a post test, for demonstration and documentation of mastery.  Discount pricing with the complete bundle and the 24 CE hours.  (On completion the participant would have 4 separate CE certificates).

You may design your own program by ordering the components individually.  Products will be priced individually without the bundle discount.  
Didactic opportunities
1.  Prerecorded 5 hour webinar series which includes a live recorded demo, and online workbook with exercises:  these components combine for 8 hours of CE credit.
2.  HomeStudy Unit.

Clinical simulation opportunities

Online simulation modules six possible clinical areas that are listed below.


Webinar Series, Workbook exercises, focused Simulated Clinical Training, and a Post Test:  Basic Limited OB Ultrasound Complete Bundle

Ultimate Ultrasound Menu

Begin with an introductory recorded webinar series  (5 one hour sessions and an online workbook) on the basics:  physics, terminology, orientation, beginning documentation, and clinical establishment of practice.  Meets the AWHONN guidelines for didactic education.

Then add the module that matches your specific clinical practice area needs for further knowledge and skill development.  The bundle includes Assessment in Second and Third Trimester and Assessment for Fetal Growth in High Risk Pregnancy (Second and Third Trimester).


Complete your learning with Computer Simulated Clinical “Hands On” training:
Your Mouse becomes a Transducer!
And you have access beyond the time needed to earn the 8 hours of CE credit:  Continuous access for a full year!
Five Modules available: Modules are a product of SIMTICS:  8 CE Credits per module.

Module selection should be based on your clinical specialty and needs, and institutional requirements for clinical check-off.  RNNCES Basic Webinar series provides guidance on establishment of said guidelines.

Please click on any of the titles below to learn more about the contents of each module.


Didactic:  Basics of OB Ultrasound: A webinar series with matching online workbook:

8 CE Credit Hours
This is an introductory webinar series (5 one hour prerecorded sessions) that acts as a good orientation to the addition of Limited OB/Gyn ultrasound into your practice. Topics covered include basic physics, terminology, standards for practice and establishment of unit policy, orientation, image optimization, and basic documentation.  The fifth hour is a taped live demonstration to ensure mastery of orientation.  The online workbook assists with knobology, use of your specific equipment, orientation to the Ultrasound machine, probe, mother, and fetus, and documentation.


Didactic:  Home Study Unit for Ultrasound  

12 CE Credit Hours                                                                                                     
RNNCEs combines a quality textbook (purchased separately by you), with a prepared self-study unit completed on-line.  Self paced and with the resources to meet the AWHONN guide requirements fir didactic training.  


Specific On-line training and simulation modules:

Clinical Simulation:  Ultrasound Training Modules   

Amazing and affordable Ultrasound Training Modules available to practice clinical scanning with simulation and further establish your
didactic mastery in particular practice areas.  Click on the further module details link for further information on each modules objectives.  CLICK Title Link to order.  

Assessment of the Female Reproduction Organs   Ultrasound Assessment of the Female Reproduction Organs

8 CE Credits

This module teaches you the preparation for and performance of the female reproductive organs. For use in a gynecologic or reproductive medicine setting. There are three interactive simulations to test your abilities.

Assessment During the First Trimester
Ultrasound Assessment During the First Trimester

8 CE Credit Hours  Further module details

​For those assessing women with pregnancies in the first trimester. Content includes limited first trimester scan: Confirmation of intrauterine pregnancy, Fetal number, Fetal viability, and Gestational age

Assessment During the Second and Third Trimesters

Ultrasound Assessment During the Second and Third Trimesters

8 CE Credit Hours  Further module details

Assessment of pregnancies presenting in the second and third trimester, focusing on biometry.
Content includes: Fetal number, Fetal lie, Placental location, Presenting part, and Fetal Biometry.

Ultrasound Assessment for Fetal Growth and High Risk PregnanciesUltrasound Assessment for Fetal Growth in Second and Third Trimester

8 CE Credit Hours  Further module details  

This title may confuse, it is the best for AP fetal assessment and OB Triage assessment skills. Assessment of pregnancies presenting with high risk factors or concerns for fetal growth. Skills necessary for OB Triage assessment. Content includes: BPP, Fetal biometry, AF measurement, and
basics of Cervical length measurement.


Ultrasound Assessment for Fetal Anomalies  Ultrasound Assessment for Fetal Anomalies

8 CE Credit Hours   Further module details

A presentation of information beyond limited OB ultrasound procedures. The content of this module is for additional learning, or for those assisting in assessment of pregnancies suspected for fetal anomalies.


Ultrasound Complete Bundle –   Two Modules, Workbook, Webinar, and Post Test

24 CE Credit Hours