Ultrasound Assessment for Fetal Anomalies

Ultrasound Assessment for Fetal Anomalies
Simulated Clinical Training Module
8 CE Credits


This module presents information beyond the scope of limited OB ultrasound procedures as outlined.
Procedure to measure Nuchal Translucency is discussed and demonstrated.
(Note performance of this skill demands further study than available in this module).

The content of this module is for additional learning, or for those assisting in assessment of
​pregnancies suspected for fetal anomalies.    

Module Requirements for 8 CE credits:
1) Log a minimum of 8 hours within the module, including practice simulation, demonstrating Neural Tube evaluation.
2) Choose any two quizzes.  You must pass each with a minimum 94% score.
3) No simulation is required.  Nuchal Translucency is demonstrated in the practice simulation.
4) Download your log, print and attach in an email to RNNCEs.
The CE certificate for this module will not state “Clinical Mastery Demonstrated” as these skills are beyond the scope of limited OB Ultrasound.      

Module Objectives:  Following completion of the Module requirements the learner will:

  • Discuss the recognition of various abnormalities of the fetal anatomy on ultrasound images, including abnormalities of chromosomes.
  • Describe the common genetic conditions identified by ultrasound and the use of genetic testing in pregnancy.
  • Identify key structures and components of the fetus at various stages of development during the second and third trimesters, with 3D models and illustrations.
  • Review fetal therapies that are performed under ultrasound guidance.