Hosted Seminars at your Site:

We enjoy traveling as much as anyone else, but when you have a group needing to meet their CE requirements or wanting to become Certified, you may want to consider a RNNCEs Hosted Event.

A hosted seminar is part of our yearly nationally scheduled calendar.  These dates and locations are set by June of the previous year (delayed in 2021 due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, please check our website for updated information), so you need to contact INFO@RNNCES.COM with your interest in the beginning of the year prior to the desire for a seminar.

Advantages of a hosted seminar to the hospital or system:

  • No travel costs or extra time for travel for your associates
  • National advertisement for your hospital, a free recruiting tool, within our website and on our brochures.
  • Registration discounts for all associates
  • Encouragement of certification and advancement toward Magnet Status with a savings on NCC exams
  • No upfront costs, no payment due with contract

Any host also enjoys the unique opportunity from RNNCEs with NCC exam regsitration:  “Second Chance Free”.  Any RNNCEs student who applies with our code and attendance certificate when registering for the exam with NCC, would have the option built in to test a second time without an additional fee if they were to fail the first time.  (Failure is an uncommon problem for RNNCEs students, but it lightens the anxiety of testing! and is a $150 value exclusive to RNNCEs students).