Presented and Created by Cindy Parke, RNC, C-EFM, CNM, MSN

Learn at a live Seminar or from the comfort of your own home
Prepare for the NCC InPatient OB Nursing exam

Cindy Parke brings her InPatient Review Course to the comfort of your home in a webinar (pace yourself) or a Live Virtual event (limited offerings).  While each  format covers the same basics, the webinar series allows additional subjects.  The Live Virtual is a two day event with interaction with the instructor.


Course Information:  

  •  Review labor physiology, pathophysiology, and components of effective labor progress and develop effective patient assessment, care, and management techniques that assist birth physiology.
    • Develop policies/strategies for labor induction and augmentation based on respect for physiology, safety, evidence and NICHD recommendations.
    • Recognize and respond to abnormal labor patterns including tachysystole and dystocia.
    • Review pain assessment and management in labor including non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic care techniques.
    • Identify adverse fetal response to labor, causation, clinical observations, interventions, and intrauterine resuscitation.
    • Review new NICHD definitions, categories, and necessary nursing actions.
    • Recognize a variety of pathologic and emergent labor situations including GH, Diabetes, Uterine Rupture, Hemorrhage, DIC, and appropriate management and documentation issues.
  • Identify normal and abnormal parameters in the second stage; explore new research-based second stage management.
  • Describe risk factors for shoulder dystocia noting clinical interventions and techniques to improve outcomes, and decrease liability.
  • Describe indicators of stage III-IV labor emergency situations.
  • Develop essential documentation and chart review skills for safer patient care.
  • Locate and utilize key web resources for L&D skill building to enhance safe maternity and newborn care.

Program Details:

This educational product can be used for Labor & Delivery nurses in need of orientation, practice enhancement, and/or NCC Test Prep for the InPatient OB Nursing Certification Exam.

The InPatient Review webinar and seminar has the same content, but the webinar offers 21 CE hours with the ability to cover all of the material.  Cindy is a skilled lecturer with a wealth of clinical, legal, and teaching experience. 

Join RNNCEs and Cindy for an exciting seminar! 

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