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InPatient OB Review: Webinar Course 2022


CE Learning in the comfort of your home!
InPatient OB Review:  Use as an excellent L&D Orientation;  Designed as a NCC Exam Prep, or for renewal credit hours.

18.5 CE Credits.  Test Prep Hour (A $50 Value FREE)
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Low Risk Newborn Intensive Care NCC Review: Live Virtual Event (CT zone)


LRN Review 2022
All are welcome.
Thank you to our host: Northwell Hospital
Live Virtual event:  May 11-12, 2022


NICU Review 2022-2: Live Virtual event Central Time


NICU Review 2022
Live Virtual event September 29-30, 2022
0745-1700 daily, Central Time Zone
All are welcome, but thank you to our host: Northside Hospital Atlanta

Maternal Newborn Review: Live Virtual Event (Central Time Zone)


Maternal Newborn Review
Live Virtual Event in the Central Time Zone:  0730-1700 daily
September 19-21, 2022
Thank you to our host Northside Hospital, Atlanta, GA




2022 WEBINAR Electronic Fetal Monitoring Advanced Review


2022 Electronic Fetal Monitoring Advanced Review: Continuing Education and NCC Exam Prep
Certification Saves Lives!
12 CE Credits


Course Information: 

  • Describe fetal-uteroplacental physiology.
  • Identify factors influencing fetal oxygenation.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of fetal monitoring equipment and troubleshooting measures.
  • Recall elements of EFM pattern interpretation including baseline, variability, accelerations, decelerations; and uterine contraction characteristics.
  • State clinical interventions for EFM patterns and the related maternal-fetal physiology.
  • Recognize FHR dysrhythmias and variant patterns.
  • Discuss common complications in pregnancy that impact maternal-fetal well-being.
  • Review fundamental principles of fetal acid-base status.
  • Explain auscultation concepts for antepartum and intrapartum utilization.
  • Summarize adjunct fetal surveillance methods including antepartum testing.
  • Critique professional and patient safety issues in EFM.