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Right Now Nursing CEs, LLC (RNNCEs) offers Nurses unique learning opportunities, and for the present we will focus on “at home” learning experiences.
RNNCEs is looking forward to working with each on of you on your own personal nursing education journey.

RNNCEs believes in providing nursing education at affordable prices, because we believe nursing continuing education saves lives.  This is why you will see almost all of our prices lower than other nursing education products.   We do not believe in Membership fees and dues to get our price.  We have set pricing, and everyone is welcome to that.  Our prices are nearly 75% lower than our competitors in some cases when comparing cost per CE, and you typically get more CEs with an RNNCEs course than you will find elsewhere.


If your goal is to become a Certified Maternity RN, RNNCEs has courses developed just for that purpose. RNNCEs has created unique programs for test preparation (utilizing proven successful educators) that provide options.  Live Virtual Events and Rerecorded Webinar series formats are available now.  These two choices allow you to stay in the comfort your own home, and the recorded webinars, at your own pace.*  In addition, there are other at home learning options available:
HomeStudy Units and various online software modules in OB Ultrasound.

RNNCEs takes pride in making sure that our Educational material is not only current, but taught in a manner to ensure your understanding.
Our goal is for you to walk away with an ability to know why you are utilizing a particular care technique or management plan.
Building confidence for the why in the automatic nursing things you do!

We hope that you enjoy your search for your next learning experience.  If you have any questions please reach out by phone or email INFO@RNNCES.COM
You can also Follow us on Facebook & Twitter, @RNNCEs, for updates on our schedule, and interactive posts with fellow nurses.

Thank you for your continued devotion to your profession and continuing education!
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*RNNCEs is working daily to provide new and exciting learning experiences.   Test Preparation Live Virtual events are set calendar days,
and the recorded webinar series are self paced.  Variation exists, please see the website for further details.

Limited OB Third Trimester Ultrasound

NEW One day didactic/hands-on AP Testing, Triage, L&D
Team Taught: Polly Charleston, AD, RT, RDMS
Cindy Parke, RNC, MSN, CNM
8hr CE/ Post test

Electronic Fetal Monitoring Review

New One Day Format:
EFM Review:
Essential Concepts for EFM Certification and Credentialing
Presented By:
Cindy Parke 8hr CE:

Inpatient Obstetrics Review

Presented by:
Cindy Parke, RNC, C-EFM, CNM, MSN
16 hr CE:



Maternal & Newborn Review:

Presented by: Cindy Parke, RNC, CNM, MSN & Tracy Karp, RNC, MS, NNP
24 hr CE:

NICU: Comprehensive Review

Prepared and Presented by Tracy Karp RNC, MSN, NNP

16 hr CE: (NCC exam option on third morning)

Ultrasound at Home Learning

Webinar Series:

Presented by Cindy Parke, RNC, C-EFM, CNM, MSN
Courses available: InPatient OB
CE Credits for IOB: 19hrs
CE Credits for EFM: 11hrs

Our Speakers