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Basics Of OB Ultrasound 5 Hour Webinar and online workbook -8 CE

Assessment of Fetal Growth Module (Best Module for AFI and BPP) – 8 CE

Ultrasound Assessment During the Second and Third Trimester Module – 8 CE

Post Test





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The Following package is similar to our previous in person One Day Limited Ultrasound Seminar.  The Material you get in this Complete Ultrasound Bundle  would cover the material, and learning you would receive in an in person Limited Ultrasound Seminar.  This package is: CHEAPER!!!  Includes more CEs; no travel expense needed; 12 month access; and you still have Q&A available with your instructor*.

Bundle Includes 24 Total CEs:  $594.80 individual pricing, reduced to $499.85 (bundle savings)
Products can be ordered individually as well, without bindle discount.  

– Basics Of OB Ultrasound 5 Hour Webinar and online workbook exercises – 8 CE hours (certificate that states
Didactic Training)  

– Assessment of Fetal Growth Module (in Second and Third Trimester)  (Best Module for AFI and BPP) – 8 CE
(certificate that states Simulated Clinical Mastery demonstrated)

– Ultrasound Assessment During the Second and Third Trimester Module  (Best module for Fetal Biometry and
Placental location)  -8 CE hours (certificate that states Simulated Clinical Mastery demonstrated) 

– Post Test  (certificate that states Didactic Mastery Demonstrated with passage at 90%)

– *Q&A That you can Schedule with your instructor.  This is included, but is only available on your instructors schedule, and maybe a group study session or a 1 on 1 depending on the demand the instructor has for Q&A sessions at that time.


 Webinar Details:
Learning Objectives for the 5 hour webinar series:
This program provides the didactic component recommended by  AWHONN (and ACNM) in the NEW 5th Ed. Ultrasound Examinations Performed by Nurses in Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Reproductive Medicine Settings: Clinical Competencies and Education Guide.
At the conclusion of this program the participant will be able to:
• Understand the practice competencies for ultrasound use in the gynecologic and obstetric setting, including standards for practice and establishment of unit policy. • Describe indications for OB ultrasound examination.
• Understand basic principles of ultrasound physics/instrumentation: equipment keyboard and orientation.
• Define the scope of patient education specific to antepartum fetal assessment and various clinical use of obstetrical ultrasound, first, second, and third trimester.
• Review use of limited ultrasound in OB triage.
• Discuss the indications for and implications of Biophysical Profiles in evaluating and managing at-risk pregnancy.
• Discuss the role of the clinician in performing limited obstetrical ultrasound for labor and delivery triage, including presentation, fluid assessment, BPP utilization, and placenta location.
• Identify key elements of accountability and documentation specific to ultrasound implementation, evaluation, and billing. • List the components of a standard, limited and specialized obstetrical ultrasound examination.


Learning objectives for the online module:  Ultrasound Assessment for Fetal Growth in High Risk Pregnancy
• Describe and demonstrate how to evaluate normal and abnormal findings relating to the amniotic fluid, placenta, and umbilical cord.
• Describe the use of Doppler in evaluating fetoplacental circulation.
• Give the criteria and demonstrate the testing of fetal well-being, including the biophysical profile.
• Describe techniques for the sonographic evaluation of high-risk pregnancies including multiple gestations.
• List and describe peri- and post-pregnancy maternal diseases and complications and be able to compare immune and non immune hydrops.
• Explain how intrauterine growth restriction is evaluated by ultrasound.
• Describe and recognize on images abnormalities that may occur with multiple pregnancies.
• Define and use related medical terminology
• Explain the Patient Privacy Rule (HIPAA) and Patient Safety Act

Module Objectives: Ultrasound Assessment During the Second and Third Trimester Module

Following completion of the Module requirements the learner will:

  • Identify on diagrams and sonograms normal fetal anatomy of the second and third trimesters.
  • Describe and demonstrate gestational age assessment in the second and third trimesters, including multiple pregnancies.
  • Describe fetal presentation and position.
  • Identify on diagrams and sonograms normal feto-placental anatomy of the second and third trimesters.
  • Compare and contrast the advantages of 3D/4D imaging with those of conventional 2D imaging.
  • Follow relevant protocols when scanning.

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