Prepared and Presented by Tracy Karp RNC, MSN, NNP 16 Hours CE

Course Information: 

  • The Most Comprehensive Review, NCC exam preparation included in the conference.  
  • Orientation tool or Refinement of Skills, Intense Physiologic-based Review.
  • Course objectives:
    Review high-risk antepartum/intrapartum maternal factors that indicate potential neonatal risk.
     Identify common laboratory findings and other diagnostic testing that impact care and management.
     List components of immediate physical assessment, resuscitation and care of the newly born infant.
     Evaluate aspects of gestational age and intrauterine growth that put the baby at risk and management strategies for those risks.
     Discuss the aspects of thermal risk and management for newborns.
    Define, differentiate, and formulate plans of care for major neonatal disorders of the newborn and/or the preterm infant: cardiovascular, respiratory, neurologic, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, HENT, metabolic, hematologic, and endocrine systems.
     Discuss fl uid/electrolyte/nutritional assessment, issue identification, and management strategies.
     Review key immunologic concepts including inflammatory response, immunity, differentials, and sepsis.
     Identify congenital genetic conditions with management etiologies.
     Understand the concepts of Developmental Care.
     List components Parental support and discharge planning


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