Basics of OB Ultrasound: A webinar series


Basic OB Ultrasound:  5 one hour webinars to begin your learning pathway.
5 CE Credit Hours

Post test available to obtain a certificate that states “Didactic Mastery Demonstrated”
Test includes grading and personal counseling as indicated or requested.



Basics of  OB Ultrasound: A webinar series:
5 one hour sessions as an introduction to physicis, terminiology, orientation, and basic documentation.

This now includes a fifth hour that is a recorded live demonstration to ensure understanding of orientation.
Designed to be followed by appropriate simulation module(s).

For individual assistance on a learning pathway contact

5 CE Credit Hours

New addition August, 2021:  A post test online.  This was offered in live seminars and allowes the learner to demonstrate mastery.  It will be online, expected to be CLOSED BOOK, requires a 90% to pass, includes grading and personal counseling of the results as indicated or requested.  The learner who passes will recieve another paper certificate, this one will state “Didactc Mastery Demonstrated”.


Please allow 1-2 Business days for processing.