Telephone Triage for Obstetrics & Gynecology

3rd Edition
Over 400 Pages
10 CE Credits

Be expertly guided through the telephone triage rigors of data-gathering, protocols, and patient education, with these vital features:

A chapter on incorporating internet research into advice on specific protocol
Expanded protocols that offer updated content on pre-conceptual screening, infectious disease impacts on pregnancy, infertility management, and emergency contraception
Quick-reference sections that arrange protocols alphabetically for fast locating
Easy-to-follow, data-gathering, flowchart format that helps you quickly determine the nature and urgency of the caller’s problem, and choose the appropriate intervention
Easy-to-explain patient-education sections after each protocol
Basic Triage Assessment Forms that address specific problems and require vital patient data
Guidance on developing “telephone charisma” and the power of sympathetic listening
Effective patient questioning techniques—pertinent questions to ask, types of questions, time management, getting clarification
Real-life call scenarios that point out problems with not listening fully to the patient, skipping relevant questions, or exerting judgments
Covers telephone triage basics, including logistical and legal considerations, assessments, telephone communication basics and challenges, and more
Offers obstetric protocols, including overviews of pre-conceptual and infertility, early management of unintended pregnancy, fetal prenatal screening, early pregnancy evaluation and surveillance, and more
Offers gynecologic protocols, including overviews of abnormal bleeding and spotting, amenorrhea, barrier contraceptives, breast complaints, emergency contraception, injectable contraceptives, intrauterine contraception, menopausal concerns, and more
Vital guidance for all gynecologic nurses, obstetric nurses, certified nurse midwives, OB/GYN nurse practitioners, all triage nurses, and health professionals at call centers

Vicki E. Long, MSN, CNM, RN
Patricia C. McMullen, PhD, JD, WhnP-BC, RN