Physical Assessment of the Newborn

301 Pages
10 CE Credits

The goal of this text is to provide a handbook/guide when doing a newborn assessment. It offers a system by system approach to a complete assessment of the newborn. Deviations, complications as well as transitional elements will be presented for a comprehensive overview. This text is perfect for the Mother-Baby Nurse, Cross-training L&D to Nursery, and Labor Nurses. It is a recommended text for those attending either the Maternal & Newborn Review or the NICU Review seminars.

Physical Assessment of the Newborn, 5th Edition, is a comprehensive text with a wealth of detailed information on the assessment of the newborn. This valuable and essential resource illustrates the principles and skills needed to gather assessment data systematically and accurately, and also provides a knowledge base for interpretation of this data. Coverage addresses: gestational assessment, neurologic assessment, neonatal history, assessment of the dysmorphic infant, and systemic evaluation of individual body systems, as well as key information on behavioral and pain assessment, including the use of specific tools with various groups ranging from term to extremely preterm infants. Numerous tables, figures, illustrations, and photos, many of them in full color, are a major strength that enhances the book’s usefulness as a clinical resource.
The text is an excellent teaching tool and resource for anyone who performs newborn examinations including nurses, neonatal and pediatric nurse practitioners, nurse-midwives, physicians and therapists. It can also serve as a core text for any program preparing individuals for advanced practice roles in neonatal care.

An authoritative and renowned text that comprehensively addresses all key aspects of newborn assessment
Provides a well-ordered evaluation of individual body systems.
Assists the practitioner in identifying infant state, behavioral clues, and signs of pain, facilitating individualized care.
Comprehensively addresses the tremendous range of variation among newborns of different gestational ages.
The content is amplified by numerous photos and illustrations, many in full color
Include internet access to PowerPoint slides and an Image Bank