High-Risk Critical Care Obstetrics

AWHONN High-Risk & Critical Care Obstetrics, 4th Edition

Over 400 Pages
12 CE Credits

Co-published with the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrics & Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN), this comprehensive book on advanced obstetrics practice focuses on the care of childbearing women with complications during pregnancy and the related professional concerns of perinatal professionals caring for them.

This newly revised edition reflects the significant change in this specialty area and the need to collaborate in practice to maximize patient outcomes. All chapters have been revised by RN-MD author teams.

This edition includes a complex review of the following essential topics of concern for Perinatal Mortality and Morbidity: obesity, thromboembolic disease, diabetes, perinatal infections, and cardiac disease. The entire first section presents the realities of today’s practice including ethics, collaboration, and patient safety. Nineteen chapters detail the primary complications of pregnancy. ​​​

Nan H Troiano, RN, MSN

Patricia Witcher, RN, MSN

Suzanne McMurtry Baird, DNP, RN


HRCC 4th Edition