Ultrasound Assessment for High Risk Pregnancies

Ultrasound Assessment for Fetal Growth and High-Risk Pregnancies
Simulated Clinical Training Module
8 CE Credits



Assessment of pregnancies presenting with high risk factors and or concerns regarding fetal growth.
Skills necessary for those providing OB Triage assessment.
Content includes:  Biophysical Profile testing, Fetal biometry, Amniotic fluid measurement and Cervical length measurement.

Module Requirements for 8 CE credits:   
1) Log a minimum of 8 hours within the module, including study of Chapter 12 and practice simulation.
2)Take Quizzes 2 & 3.  You must pass each with a minimum 94% score.
3)Complete Scenario 2 and 3 test simulations with a minimum score of 94% on each.
4)Download your log, print and attach in an email to RNNCEs.

Module Objectives:  Following completion of the Module requirements the learner will

  • State and demonstrate the criteria and testing of fetal well-being, including the biophysical profile.
  • Describe the technique and importance of cervical length measurement.
  • Describe how to evaluate normal and abnormal findings relating to amniotic fluid, placenta, umbilical cord, and abnormalities
    that may occur with multiple pregnancies.
  • Demonstrate fetal biometry measurement and recording.
  • Describe the evaluation of intrauterine growth restriction by ultrasound on diagrams and sonograms normal fetal anatomy of
    the second and third trimesters.
  • Describe and demonstrate gestational age assessment in the second and third trimesters, including multiple pregnancies.
  • Describe fetal presentation and position.
  • Identify on diagrams and sonograms normal feto-placental anatomy of the second and third trimesters.
  • Compare and contrast the advantages of 3D/4D imaging with those of conventional 2D imaging.
  • Follow relevant protocols when scanning.