The Labor Progress Handbook

 Early Interventions to Prevent and Treat Dystocia; NEW 4th Edition
408 Pages
10 CE Credits

RNNCEs is so excited to see this classic guide has been recently updated (2017)!
With over 100 new pages we have also updated our self-study and increased the CE credits to 10.

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Dystocia or failure to progress in labor is the main reason for cesarean deliveries. This new fourth edition “is an unparalleled resource on simple, non-invasive interventions to prevent or treat difficult or prolonged labor. Thoroughly updated and highly illustrated, the book shows how to tailor one’s care to the suspected etiology of the problem, using the least complex interventions first, followed by more complex interventions if necessary.

This new edition now includes a new chapters and information:

Reducing dystocia in labors with epidurals
New material on the microbiome

Penny Simkin, Lisa Hanson, and Ruth  Ancheta

Counseling approaches specially designed for midwives to assist those who have had traumatic childbirths.

Fully referenced and full of practical instructions throughout, The Labor Progress Handbook continues to be an indispensable guide for novices and experts alike who will benefit from its concise and accessible content.