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2022 Bookstore: Core Curriculum: NICU Nursing, 6th Edition


Home Study Course
900+ Pages
24 CE Credit Hours



2022 Bookstore: Obstetric Triage and Emergency Care Protocols 2nd. Ed.


Home Study Course
411 Pages
12 CE Credit Hours


2022 Bookstore: Perinatal Nursing


Home Study Course
800 Pages
21 CE Credit Hours

Perinatal Nurses Cruise & Learn 2022


Majestic1 Vacations International
OB Nursing Cruise and Learn 2022
16 CE credit hours


2022 Bookstore: Physical Assessment of the Newborn


Home Study Course
New 6th Edition
10 CE Credit Hours


2022 Bookstore: Quick Reference for the Lactation Professional


New Second Edition
Home Study Course
276 Pages
10 CE Credit Hours

SSU only for Intrapartum Management Modules


Self Study Unit only, no book purchased
12 CE Credit Hours

2022 Bookstore: Supporting a Physiologic Approach to Pregnancy and Birth


Home Study Course
343 Pages
8 CE Credit Hours


Maternal Newborn Review: Live Virtual Event (Central Time Zone)


Maternal Newborn Review
Live Virtual Event in the Central Time Zone:  0730-1700 daily
September 19-21, 2022
Thank you to our host Northside Hospital, Atlanta, GA




2022 WEBINAR Electronic Fetal Monitoring Advanced Review


2022 Electronic Fetal Monitoring Advanced Review: Continuing Education and NCC Exam Prep
Certification Saves Lives!
12 CE Credits


Course Information: 

  • Describe fetal-uteroplacental physiology.
  • Identify factors influencing fetal oxygenation.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of fetal monitoring equipment and troubleshooting measures.
  • Recall elements of EFM pattern interpretation including baseline, variability, accelerations, decelerations; and uterine contraction characteristics.
  • State clinical interventions for EFM patterns and the related maternal-fetal physiology.
  • Recognize FHR dysrhythmias and variant patterns.
  • Discuss common complications in pregnancy that impact maternal-fetal well-being.
  • Review fundamental principles of fetal acid-base status.
  • Explain auscultation concepts for antepartum and intrapartum utilization.
  • Summarize adjunct fetal surveillance methods including antepartum testing.
  • Critique professional and patient safety issues in EFM.