NCC testing information for 2021

Many of you have looked to Review courses details for information regarding NCC testing.  NCC (National Certification Corporation) is a completely seprate entity and we suggest that you go directly to their website for details: 

To assist our custormers we can provide some limited informaiton:
1.  NCC testing has moved completely to computerized or virtual testing

2.  RNNCEs does utilize the NCC Candidates Guide in the development of subject matter for our review seminars particular to each particular exam.

3.  RNNCEs’ goal is to support higher standards of continuing education and to assist nurse’s seeking certification.  Testing promotion does not constitute NCC endorsement of a RNNCEs course, course content, or materials provided.

4.  NCC and RNNCEs are not affiliated organizations. We continue to work on a collaborative effort to provide our students an educational (RNNCEs) and testing (NCC) opportunity option to assist clinicians nationwide. RNNCEs has no authority to approve, disapprove or vary any requirement for qualifying for or taking any NCC exam.  Please check back for details.  Please direct questions to

NCC Exam Sign Up Information